This is my Political opinion Blog. On it I will write about Nevada / California mostly. My Art site is on which I will post drawings, paintings and sculpture for sale.

Location: United States

I realy have lived in a cave for quite some time, though ive also lived in a franciscan monastary, a log cabin in the mountains, and a completly underground house. I work in stone, clay, wood, glass past (not blown)as well as oil and acryilic. I have also woked a forge (yes the kind with a bellows and anvil) while living on a ranch.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Mist yawns and rolls in languid ripples over the hills.
Warmed by a rusted orb the fogy serpent climbs slowly into the draws and passes.
From afar the semblance will not be denied.

Silent as breaking dawn Fog leavs the green mantle wet with promis of new life.
Hastning away from the now bronzed disk the serpent lies among the aspens.
Mountain medow refuge gainst the blazing day.

I folow with my eye, a slight dun warbler. Slowly hoping from thorny reach to verdant hall, Dun tells of the water so recently consumed.