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Monday, March 28, 2005

crows egg bread

You migtn't believ that crows eggs, or any other non chicken egg would be fit for eating. However they are good and good for you! Most non farm raised birds, without acount for the size of the animal itself, do not lay large eggs. Even sage hens, which can be as large as any farm raised, do not tend towards large eggs. Human interferance, being what it is, should some other species be bread to produce they would also show abnormaly large eggs.
The size doesn't mater as you might think on account of its use in breadmakeing. Bread as eggs themselvs needs the inclusion of certain things for good reason. In most bread egg is a binder useful in holding other ingredients together. In eggs the inside is held together by the outside and in turn feed the little one. Only so much yolk is nesacery, the rest going to wast in chickens. Not so, our black featherd friends. Their egg contains just enough insides to make a baby. Or for that mater egg tempra, bread, egg drop soup (made from eggs droped but not compleatly ruind) etc.
The only thing stoping most people from eating strange things like crows eggs is that most people are sissys! I aint most people, Im a caveman so i eat anything that cant defend itself adequatly.