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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This latest immigration demand is really an outrage. I’ve been trying to help a woman legally emigrate for two years from Mexico. Her husband (if you call him that) left her with two kids and no money 8 years ago. He is an illegal immigrant living and working somewhere in California. Never once has he attempted to contact her or send her money. Yet the worthless Mexican government will not allow he a divorce and the worthless American government will not let her come to the U.S. legally so she can get a divorce.

Every time we fill out forms, wait in lines and pay in full, she’s told that there are to many illegal’s so the quota is full. The American government then KEEPS her filling fees! Taking money from a destitute Mexican woman knowing full well you are not going to render any service ought to be a crime. Allowing amnesty or citizenship, or whatever the latest demand from these wetbacks is, while conspiring to trap a woman into poverty for having the audacity to do everything the right way ought to be a capital crime.

We should be rounding up illegal’s at every rally, making them build $10,000 worth of fence along our border without pay, then shipping them back to where they came from. And people who did everything the right way should be at the front of the line to come here, not pushed aside by wetbacks!