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I realy have lived in a cave for quite some time, though ive also lived in a franciscan monastary, a log cabin in the mountains, and a completly underground house. I work in stone, clay, wood, glass past (not blown)as well as oil and acryilic. I have also woked a forge (yes the kind with a bellows and anvil) while living on a ranch.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Last week, we launched our hard-hitting new TV ads as the opening wave of our Fight Global Warming campaign. And people are really talking about them.

Our ads are designed to change the way people think about global warming. We've already grabbed the attention of many in the major news media.

This is a critical time for our planet. Scientists warn that we may have only a few years left to cut global warming pollution before irreversible ecological consequences become inevitable.

Despite these grave warnings, far too little is being done to save energy and cut global warming pollution. Our new TV spots are evocative, compelling and powerful because we want all Americans to change their behavior. And, these spots are just the beginning of our Fight Global Warming campaign.

Vote for your favorite add. Or, tell us what you think of them. Help make sure that every American hears our message. Global warming is real, but so are the solutions.