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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Global warming facts

If you're like most folks, you're probably thinking, "Yep, global warming is a monster threat. But it's so huge it's impossible to solve."
Believe us, after working on global warming for the last two decades, we get your drift. Global warming is a monumental challenge.
But, global warming is still a problem we can solve if we all work together.
Read these global warming facts. Then, learn how you can reduce your global warming pollution. Check out our light bulb buying guide, find out how to drive more efficiently, and learn more home energy saving tips.
Global Warming Facts:
21Percent of America's global warming pollution produced by individual households.
42 Number of states where electricity customers have the option to buy green power through their utility or an alternative power supplier.
200,000 Number of American households that use solar energy.
25 Pounds of global warming pollution emitted per gallon of gas used in cars.
10 Percent that Americans could reduce their global warming pollution if all car buyers chose a model that gets 5 more gallons/mile than their current vehicle.
350 Pounds of global warming pollution reduced by lowering the thermostat 2 degrees in winter.
38 Number of watts needed to replace a standard 150 watt lightbulb with a compact florescent lightbulb.
25 Percent reduction in home heating bills by insulating attics, pipes, ductwork and flooring.

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